- are a young organization working in the fields of culture, communication, education and business.

- act in but are not limited to Georgia, South Caucasus, Central and South-Eastern Europe.  

- work in different directions on different subjects both at home and abroad.

- implement projects for Georgian and foreign institutions.

- consult private and public organizations.

- provide PR services including information and dissemination activities  

  and development and maintenance of all information tools.

- make our own projects, closely cooperating with our partners.

- support cultural exchange and dialogue between Georgia and other countries.


We have

- years of experience in working with Georgian and German cultural institutions,

  international organizations and business companies.

- a thorough knowledge of managing projects and programs, elaborating and

  implementing concepts.


We know

- specialists, experts and institutions in Georgia, SouthCaucasus and Europe.

- the region thoroughly.

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